Sep 11, 2012


a note
written by
tear drops and laughters
for the youthful hands
to play

Aug 3, 2012


hush now
let the girl leave
to the land of the moonlight
where her imagination regains
its freedom

Jul 11, 2012


red-eyed girl
dreams in a dream
the silent rise of
the sun

Jul 6, 2012


twinkling stars
flow out of
her eyes
on her first
heart aching night

Jun 18, 2012


let me see
the blue in the moon
the breath of the mountain
the bloom in the eyes
the beat of the life

Jun 11, 2012


a fledging  bird
on east wind
in vastness of the air

Jun 5, 2012


the sound of the summer
on her lips
the stiffness
of the sky

May 28, 2012


Monday morning
on the kitchen table
the silence
the cups

May 8, 2012


with a massive cloud
over her head
she plays
the song of Spring
with her heart

Apr 22, 2012


lost all the colors
on my palette
yet I can paint only with

Apr 12, 2012


Wordless message
From Sakura tree
Soaked through
The grey sky
And the hair

Apr 7, 2012


Oh, Spring wind
Be gentle with
the little flame
Let it glow
on your palm

Mar 7, 2012


silent cry
of the sincere lips
penetrates the night
touching the black of
the blackness

Feb 23, 2012


the transparent pain
the winter rain
pouring down on
my cracked windowpane

Jan 22, 2012


colors and frames
in fickle time
the sun eats
the lines

Jan 11, 2012

2012 #1

the cracked mirror
innocent smiles
in harmony with
breath of the sun